Black Dragon Altars

Regarding the Black Dragon Altars
When you have a Dragon Key (Source: Black Dragon), you can talk to an NPC in the to be teleported to < Black Dragon Lair 3>, where you can exchange the Dragon Key and the Chest of Black Dragon for a Black Dragon Altar.

A Black Dragon Altar is a powerful artifact that comes sealed by four elemental powers-flame, thunder, frost and wind. The seals are called the Seal of Flame, the Seal of Wind, the Seal of Thunder and the Seal of Frost. Each of the seals is 5. Before unsealing them, the altar must have 0 curse.

To get a piece of Black Dragon equipment from a Black Dragon Altar, both the altar's seals and curse must be 0.

Power of Flame: Unseals the Seal of Flame Power of Wind: Unseals the Seal of Wind Power of Thunder: Unseals the Seal of Thunder Power of Frost: Unseals the Seal of Frost

Unsealing a seal successfully will reduce the seal by 1. But if it fails, the altar's curse will increase by 1.

The Black Dragon Altar's curse always remains consistent with the items in it.

However, the higher the curse, the less powerful the equipment inside will be.

What's more, if the altar's curse is more than 9, it cannot be used unless its curse is relieved.

To relieve a Black Dragon Altar's curse, you must use Angelic Dice on it. If the dice successfully relieves the curse, the altar's curse will be reduced by 1. If the dice fails to relieve the curse, there is no negative effect.

When the Black Dragon Altar's seal and curse are both 0, you can use offerings on it to get the Black Dragon equipment within.

Angelic Dice can be obtained from big Black Dragons. In addition, 5 Kal Runestones can be exchanged for 1 Angelic Dice at the Heaven Teleporter.

Offerings determine what equipment will be obtained from the Black Dragon Altar There are 3 types of offerings available.

Heart of the Black Dragon When offering a Heart of the Black Dragon, you will get a Black Dragon Torso

Eyes of Black Dragon When offering Eyes of the Black Dragon, you will get a Black Dragon Claw

Soul of Black Dragon When offering a Soul of the Black Dragon , you will get Black Dragon Wings