Apparel Fusing

Apparel Fusion

General information:
Apparel fusion is a feature with which players are able to Fuse their equipment into Apparel equipment. Since Apparels are quite stylish, this allows players to create a unique style for themselves, as well as enabling Apparel Upgrade, allowing players to further boost their equipment.

Apparels are a special type of items which have the unique ability of being able to undergo Apparel Fusion. To clarify, a piece of Equipment which has its own stats can be fused into an Apparel Equipment which has no stats. After the Fusion, the Apparel Equipment will now have the stats of the Equipment which was fused into it, while the original Equipment will attain Apparel form, simply put, it will give its stats, level requirement, class to the Apparel.
For example, Fusing a Gauntlets of Sistine into a Brutal Chef Gloves will give Brutal Chef Glove the stats of the aforementioned Gauntlets, whereas the Gauntlets will "disappear".

Players should note that they can only fuse a piece of Equipment into an Apparel of the same item type, this means that if Gloves are being fused, they can only be fused into Apparel Gloves, not Apparel Armor, Shoes, Hat nor Weapons.

Apparels are obtained from Item Mall, with the exception of Aries Set, which is available in-game by finishing the "Captain" difficulty of Aries Quest.


Fusion Scroll is obtained from Item Mall, Beautiful Chests, Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, High level Sea Monsters and Fusion Catalyst is obtained from Item Mall.

-Fusion Catalyst is only required for Apparel fusion if the Equipment which is being fused is gemmed or upgraded, otherwise this item is not necessary.
-The Gold fee is always equal to 1,000G * Level requirement of the Equipment being fused. (i.e. 40,000G for a Lv40 Equipment, 50.000G for a lv50 Equipment, 65,000G for a Lv65 Equipment and etc.)

The Apparel Fusion process:
Now that Apparels and how the process works have been explained, the apparel fusion process can begin.

This is done at Blacksmith - Smithy and by selecting the "Apparel Fusion" option. (The "Fusion" option is related to Sockets and has nothing to do with Apparels or Apparel Fusion.)

After this, all the required Items are to be placed in their respective slots, this is very important. Scroll always goes on top, the Apparel Equipment goes on the left slot and the Equipment which is being fused goes to the right slot. If a Fusion Catalyst is needed, it is to be placed in the down-left spot.

Clicking "Confirm" and paying the required Gold Fee is all that remains. If everything went well, the Apparel will now attain the stats of the original Equipment. In the pictures above, Gauntlets of Sistine were fused to Brutal Chef Gloves, and in the picture below, the finished product is visible - Brutal Chef Gloves with Gauntlets' of Sistine stats.

Despite the possibility of messing up Equipment order in Apparel Fusion, it cannot fail in the classical sense. It has a 100% success rate, so it will always succeed.

Fusing two Apparels:
A relatively common occurrence, and something where players genuinely make a mistake. This is generally done when players wish to change their Appearance while still keeping the old equipment's stats/gems. This includes fusing an Apparel Equipment which had undergone Apparel Fusion (It now has stats and possibly Gems in it) into another Apparel.

It's done the exact same way as fusing a regular Equipment is. All that matters is that the Equipment which was already fused goes to the right slot and the new Apparel goes to the left slot. In other words, the Apparel will become the "base" Equipment.
For example, the player wishes to fuse his Brutal Chef Gloves which were fused to Gauntlets of Sistine into Royal Major Gloves ;

The picture above shows the correct way. After the process is done, the Royal Major Gloves will attain the stats which brutal Chef gloves had.

The picture above shows the wrong way. After the process is done, the Brutal Chef gloves will attain the stats on the Royal Major gloves; if they were a clean apparel, the Brutal Chef gloves would lose its stats, and the new apparel glove would be lost as well, therefore it is very crucial to take note on equipment order during Apparel Fusion, as the losses can be horrendous.

Re-using an Apparel:
Once an Apparel has been fused, it doesn't mean that it can never again be used as an Apparel.

For example, a player wishes to fuse his Gauntlets of the Kylin into his Brutal Chef Gloves, which are already fused to Gauntlets of Sistine. By doing Apparel fusion and using the already-fused Gloves as an Apparel, they will attain the Gauntlets' of the Kylin stats. Note that the Gauntlets' of Sistine stats will be lost, making this less economical than simply using a clean Apparel glove, though it is still vastly used due to the bother of having to find the exact same Apparel used before.

Additional Information:
-Apparel Fusion is the only way to make Gearstones (Chaos, Lv70 Boss) wearable.
-Apparel Fusion will increase the Equipment's max durability.
-Apparel Fusion will make untradable Equipment (i.e. Evanescence or Enigma Chest Equipment) tradable!
-There's a few sets in the game which can be used by multiple Races. (i.e. Lance+Phyliss, Ami+Phyliss, Carsise+Phyliss). Fusing an Item wearable by a class which belongs to both races into one of these will make both races able to wear it! (i.e. fusing Seal Master Gear to Witch Apparel will make it wearable by both Phyliss and Ami, as opposed to only one class if it were fused to a regular Apparel.)
-Lucky Bull Set is wearable by all races. Any Equipment fused in it will be usable by all Races, as long as it's wearable for the class. Equipment with no class restriction (i.e. Chaos Gearstones) can be used by all 4 races!