World mission
  1. Mission index 3
    Start point
    • Id 436  · Recovery Type
    • For players Lv 5 and above only
    • x 1
  2. Greetings! Welcome to 'Pirate King Online'.
    A world filled with mystical creatures, treasures and of course, danger and adventure. Feel free to roam about the town area.
    Throughout the course of your travel, you may also wish to enlist into the Navy Militia or join the Pirates and hunt for fame and treasure!
    Your first task of the game is to locate Newbie Guide Angela. She has been stationed in Icicle City at (1315, 507) to help out people such as yourself to get familiarized with their surroundings.
    Enjoy your stay and all the best on your journey!
  • Id: darkblue · 4
  • Lower Icicle Castle
  1. Mission index 721
    Finish point
    6 EXP
    Make next quest unavailable
  2. Ah!
    Another newcomer, welcome! You can come to me if you have any questions regarding Classes and Attribute related issue.
    Next I am going to tell you where to buy good weapons in .
    Since you have leveled up, you can press the yellow button below your protrait (Alt + A) to open your character page to distribute your stats. Every time you level up, you will received more points for your own allocation.
    You have 5 basic attributes that can be added: Strength which affects your melee attack power; Agility which increases your attack speed and dodge rate; Accuracy which increases your hit rate and range attack power; Spirit which increases your max SP and magical damage; Constitution which increases your defense and max HP.
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