Rumour of the Bar
Common mission
  • Id: garner · 6
  • Argent City
  1. Mission index 332
    Start point
    Finish point
    Begin conditions: Finish next quest
    • Id 1292  · Common item
    • x 9
    • Id 1365  · Common item
    • x 7
    • Id 1291  · Common item
    • x 5
    • Id 1255  · Common item
    • x 3
    • Id 4228  · Quest Item
    • A solvent that will reveal invisible text
    • x 1
    Make next quest available
  2. So you heard it from the tavern? I must be really drunk for it to slip my mouth.
    Forget it, since you are able to find me, it seems that we are fated in some ways. Now, I will tell you the recipe. You are required to find these ingredients, then I will help you create the antidote.
    Listen carefully, I requires 3 , 5 , 7 and 9 . Go and locate them. Hurry up before I change my mind.
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