Nameless One
World mission
  1. Mission index 10
    Start point
    • Id 4220  · Quest Item
    • Check out the secret hidden in these memento
    • x 1
    • Id 4221  · Quest Item
    • Memento recovered from the pirates
    • x 1
  2. When I used my both hands to touch the black object, a mysterious voice echoed into me, 'Nameless One, proved your bravery and I will show you the way'.
    Who is the Nameless One, I pondered. How to prove my bravery? Maybe at (1672, 3777) will know something.
  • Id: magicsea · 73
  • Canary Isle
  1. Mission index 316
    Finish point
  2. Oh. Its something by the name of Heart of Sailor. It can reflect the inner self of anyone. If your mind is pure, you will be able to access whatever is hidden by the Heart. However, it is rumored to be lost for centuries. You mean you have Andrew's memento?
    Looks like you will need some help. Approach at (2219, 2749). He will have some answer for you.
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